Here we will provide a collection of free lectures for anyone seeking to understand Bitcoin even further!

What is Bitcoin

Jordan Peterson & Saifedean Ammous.

This is a wonderful place to begin your Bitcoin Journey. Jordan Peterson is very smart but does not know about Bitcoin, here Saifedean (Author of "The Bitcoin Standard") explains it to him in very simple terms.

Bitcoi Maximalism

What is Money Show

Why only Bitcoin

CEO & Co-Founder of Swan Bitcoin Cory Klippsten joins Robert Breedlove in a masterful conversation that explores why of the entire Cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin is the only asset we can truly trust.

Understanding Inflation

What Bitcoin Did - Fix the Money, Fix the World

Lawrence Lepard

Lawrence does a magnificent job of explaining the economic problems United States (and the entire world) is going through tight now.
Seems like Bitcoin is our best bet to get out of it.


Understand how this Bitcoin Layer 2 technology works and how you can use it.

Gino Osahon explaining RSK on Open Source Africa Conference 2022

Your Own Private Q&A

This new technologies are hard to get around, and I am doing my best to make them digestible for everyone.
Still I found that actual conversations are the best way to make this happen.
For this reason I offer my time to whoever wishes to learn, use the link below to book a FREE meeting with me.
Physical if you live in Sydney or online for everyone else.
No time limit, ask me any question and doubt, get help setting up wallets and understanding security. 
Everything you need, I'm here for you. WE ARE BITCOIN!

Lets Connect!


"We are Bitcoin" is a movement dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves with Bitcoin.

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