Projects on Lightning!

The innovation on Lightning will play a major role in our future and it's one of the most exciting things happening at the moment!


This guys are amazing! They are empowering creators to start building on the Lightning Network, hosting recurrent Hackathons with prizes to those who build the best apps.
On their website you'll find a large and impressive directory of apps on Lightning, in time I'll add them here with tutorials on how each one of them works!


Currently working in United states and El Salvador, but Looking to expand, IBEX help local Business integrate to the Lightning Network.
Each store can decide weather to keep the Bitcoins or set it up for automatic Dollar conversion. 
This way even non Bitcoiners can take advantage of the "almost instant" settlements and "near free" fees that Bitcoin on Lightning can offer!


Based on the Value for Value model of Podcasting 2.0 this app allows the users to earn Satoshis (Fractions of a Bitcoin) while listening to your favorite shows. One can also support the host, make their own clips of each show and the podcaster can offer satoshis directly to their listeners. It represents a complete change in the relationship between platform, creator and audience.

Tap to Pay

This project is focusing on bringing the Lightning Network to shop owners and local business.


A quick Video explaining the concept of Tap to pay


A fresh take on social media, fully integrated with the Lightning Network. Aiming to fight censorship and provide creators with true ownership of what they produce.

Your Own Private Q&A

This new technologies are hard to get around, and I am doing my best to make them digestible for everyone.
Still I found that actual conversations are the best way to make this happen.
For this reason I offer my time to whoever wishes to learn, use the link below to book a FREE meeting with me.
Physical if you live in Sydney or online for everyone else.
No time limit, ask me any question and doubt, get help setting up wallets and understanding security. 
Everything you need, I'm here for you. WE ARE BITCOIN!

Lets Connect!


"We are Bitcoin" is a movement dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves with Bitcoin.

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