Story time!

for those who wonder... Why bother building all of this? it won't change anything...

A South-American Fable

To me, stories express much more than words themselves and this particular one, speaks straight to my heart.

It starts with a fire...

All the animals running away from the place they used to call home

Everyone sits and watches the rising flames.

None of them has the power to stop such a magnificent force

Only a little hummingbird...

Keeps coming back and forth to the lake, carrying a few drops of water in every trip and casting them on the fire.

'What are you doing?'

All the animals asked him. A small thing like you, does not stand a chance against this foe.

'Isn't it obvious?'

The answer he gave was simple enough... I'm doing what I can.

Traditionally this is where the story ends.

When I tell it however... I'd like to imagine that the little Hummingbird's tireless efforts inspired the rest of the animals to help him.
As you see, the fire was too large for just a single one of them to stop it... Only when everyone worked together, were they able to achieve such a feat.

Just like the Flaps of a butterfly wings in the west...

Which causes a hurricane in the east.
The tiniest of actions can often result in the biggest shifts in the entire world!

We are all stronger than we think.

Capable of inspiring others and when working together... Not even the impossible is out of reach!

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