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I will only recommend Self Custody Wallets! (You don't own your Bitcoins if you Don't own your Private Keys).

Lightning Wallets

Get Alby (Browser)

Alby brings Bitcoin payments to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own wallet.
You can log in with it to a bunch of interesting apps and transact through Lightning!

MUUN (Mobile)

A simple "Self Custody" Wallet to keep your BTC safe. Works for both "Onchain" and "Lightning".
Very Recommended, Perfect for your Phone. 

RSK compatible

Liquality (RSK)

Great Wallet for the RSK Blockchain - A Bitcoin Layer 2 that enables Smart Contracts for DEFI, NFTs and StableCoins.
Perfect for your Computer Browser.
Its a MetaMask Fork.

Defiant (Onchain& RSK)

This wonderful wallet allows for both Onchain Bitcoin and RSK + an easy swap between them. Good for the phone and an amazing team behind it.

Where to Buy and Sell

Local Bitcoins

This website connects buyers and sellers across the world and allows for a wide range of payment methods including PayPal, Credit card and Bank transfers.
+8 million users
+190 countries
+150 Payment Methods and Currencies  

LNp2pBOT on Telegram

The LNp2pBOT is a Telegram bot where anyone anywhere in the world can buy and sell Bitcoin in a decentralized, permission less and censorship resistant way using the Lightning network.

Your Own Private Q&A

This new technologies are hard to get around, and I am doing my best to make them digestible for everyone.
Still I found that actual conversations are the best way to make this happen.
For this reason I offer my time to whoever wishes to learn, use the link below to book a FREE meeting with me.
Physical if you live in Sydney or online for everyone else.
No time limit, ask me any question and doubt, get help setting up wallets and understanding security. 
Everything you need, I'm here for you. WE ARE BITCOIN!

Lets Connect!


"We are Bitcoin" is a movement dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves with Bitcoin.

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