NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

NFTs are a way to make a digital file unique and unfalsifiable. You can hold them in your wallet like any other Token, and you retain full ownership of them forever.  

Our NFTs are not investment vehicles. They do, however, play an important role in what we are building. 


Step - 1 the Local artist

This is a key element. Hire local artists to create a work of art inspired by the events we will hold frequently. This allows them to start earning BTC or Bitcoin backed Stablecoins. Furthering our efforts to get people using this technology. Infusing the local economy with more Bitcoins.
Some NFTs will be given away in the events to help people start interacting with this technology.


Step 2 - Funding and DAO

This project is not for profit, all the revenue generated will go towards our events and furthering Bitcoin education around the globe. The NFTs will allow anyone anywhere in the planet to help us, while getting something nice in return that they can hold forever. 
They will also grant access to our DAO, which will help us take this movement from Zimbabwe and Africa to the entire World!


Step3 - Grow our Community

Some of the NFTs will be given to our partners to be given away in their community as a way of inviting them to participate in ours. Spreading the local artists work, and help our efforts get more attention.
Hopefully this will be more incentives for potential partners to join us.


Step 4 - The NFT Museum

As we create art of all our events, we will keep one of each NFT in our custody in order to create a gallery showcasing our history told through art.
Eventually the objective is to build a virtual museum that anyone would have access to and see the positive impact we've had in the world.
The names of our partners will be displayed to further incentivize them to join our efforts.

In Short

NFTs allow us to do many things.

Create Bitcoin Jobs For Artist

Start paying people in Bitcoin for Valuable work

Funding and DAO creation

Anyone anywhere can participate

Partnership incentives and Museum

A unique collection telling our story through art.

"We are Bitcoin" is a movement dedicated to teaching people how to empower themselves with Bitcoin.

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